May 30, 2012

Top 3 Places to Entertain a Preschooler

The winner of last week's poll, "Top Places to Grab a Cup of Joe," in Bastrop County was Coffee Dog with 61% of the vote!!!

This week, the topic is Top Places to Entertain a Preschooler. Here are the best places (chosen by me) to entertain a preschooler in Bastrop County, but YOU get to choose who is #1. I'll post the winner next Tuesday.

I had a lot of great place to choose from... Fisherman's Park, Bastrop YMCA, Bastrop State Park, the library, Bob Bryant Park, Morris Memorial Park and pool in Elgin, Veteran's Memorial Park in Smithville, and many more! What would have been your Top 3? Comment below if you think there's a better place to entertain a preschooler in Bastrop County.

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