January 9, 2013

Summit Smithville EXPO - 2013

Summit Smithville EXPO
Saturday, Jan. 12th, 2013, 10am-4pm

Exhibitions: Smithville Heritage Event Hall, 213 Main Street. Exhibitors will also be located at various shops around Main Street.
Speakers: Playhouse Smithville, 110 Main Street
Demonstrations: Gazebo Park at North 1st and Main Street

Admission is FREE!

Speakers and exhibitors will discuss alternative energy, recycling and composting, water conservation, do-it-yourself projects, and how to get started remodeling and rebuilding.

The EXPO features information about highly technical and more traditional methods of sustainable living like solar energy, water harvesting, xeriscaping, kitchen composting, and recycling. This is a great opportunity to ask knowledgeable experts what you want to know. Demonstrations will be held all day at Gazebo Park (end of Main Street at North 1st Street).

By the end of the day, you should know which projects are reasonable and feasible for your garden, home, ranch, or business, and have the resources you need to get started.

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