May 2, 2013

HerbDay (May 4, 2013)

Bastrop HerbDay, co-sponsored by Bastrop 1832 Farmers Market, Nature Makes Well, Wild Thyme Herb Shop, and the Healing River Alliance, is happening on Saturday, May 4th, 10am-4pm at Bastrop 1832 Farmers Market, located at 1302 Chestnut Street in downtown Bastrop, next to the Convention Center.
There will be lectures, local herb plants and products for sale, and more! Come out and learn about herbs and their impact in our lives, including the uses of herbs in health and well-being. Admission is FREE and open to the public. For more info, click here.

Plus, the Bastrop 1832 Farmers Market will be open as usual from 10am-2pm, with local fruits and veggies, grass-fed beef, eggs, salsas, jams, natural root beer and sodas, bread and pastries, pie, ice cream, soaps, candles, wind chimes, furniture, art, flowers, plants, fruit trees and more! Click here for a list of all the vendors and goods that will be at the market this week.
  • 11am - Karen Schobel, "Aquaponics"
  • 12pm - Nancy Perriello, "Elder - the Herb of the Year!"
  • 1pm - Brett Chandler-Finch, "Herbal Formulations"
  • 2pm - Kelly Bender, "Butterfly Gardens"
  • 3pm - Deena Spellman, "Culinary Herbs"
This event coincides with the 8th annual National HerbDay, which was created and organized by the HerbDay Coalition, a national group of non-profit herbal organizations dedicated to herbal education, research, quality control, plant preservation, and the responsible use of herbs in human health. The day will consist of local herbal events that will take place across the nation. More information about National HerbDay is available online at:

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