May 3, 2013

Reel Film Expo - 2013

by Mark Winslett

Heard of the Reel Film Expo? This event, now on its second year, will be held Friday and Saturday — May 3rd & 4th — in downtown Smithville.

Be a part of two days of award-winning movie appreciation, juried films and contests, rubbing elbows with the movie industry movers and shakers, stunts and much more. The Smithville Music and Film Commission invites you into the fun, showing you from start to finish the filming process. Learn what goes on behind the scenes of major motion picture films. Plus, come watch some amazing films that were shot locally—Beneath the Darkness, The Tree of Life, and Bernie.

And what's best is it's FREE to attend the Expo and watch these movies! The only paid event is the headlining talk by Paul Bright, who is a writer, producer, and director, titled: "How to make a film for under $5,000." Attend this two-part, 6-hour lecture for only $30. Click here to register.

The Reel Film Expo kicks off with a mixer on Friday, May 3rd, from 5-7pm at Smitty's Flick House, located at 210 Main Street in downtown Smithville. Everyone's invited!

For more info about the Reel Film Expo, click here.

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