March 6, 2014

First Friday Art Walk (March 7, 2014)

The First Friday Art Walk is a monthly event held in downtown Bastrop on the first Friday of every month to celebrate Bastrop's thriving art scene.

This month, First Friday will be held on Mar. 7th, from 5:30-8:30pm.

Many downtown businesses, restaurants, and shops will stay open late, and there will be live music, refreshments, and local artwork throughout the downtown area.

  • Bastrop Fine Arts Guild, 815 Main Street; Artist: "Changing Seasons" group pastel show with Jo Castillo, Wanda Gamble, Glenn Whitehead, and Enid Wood
  • Art Connections Gallery, 908 Main Street; Artist: Tim O'Neil, Music: classical guitar by Sean Behrens
  • "Oh Wow" & Pinesong Art Gallery, 920 Main Street; Artist: Komal
  • Lost Pines Art Bazaar, 603 Chestnut Street; Artist: Lynn R. Scherbarth-Mills

Painting by Tim O'Neil

Tim O'Neil had this to say about his art, "Art has been an important interest of mine, going way back to the time I was a child. My father was an excellent draftsman and could have been a great artist, had he pursued it. And, both he and my mother encouraged me. Although I never had any formal training or art education at any university, through the years a number of very accomplished artists came into my life, to instruct and inspire me."

He continued, "Landscape painting intrigues me the most, because of the beauty of Nature, its mystery, and its challenges. An artist can create beauty, tell a story, and instill wonder within the viewer. That is what I try to do. I do hope you enjoy my humble attempts at achieving this goal."
Artwork by Lynn R. Scherbarth-Mills
The soulful, earthy artwork of Lynn R. Scherbarth-Mills is meant to be touched, felt, and experienced; crafted for the body, home, and soul.  Lynn offers art classes through Rich Earth Design Studio.

  • Bastrop Bling Company, 705 Pine Street; Artist: Bekah Strachn
  • Bluwr Myles, 711 Pine Street; Artist: Melba Allman Marbry
  • Cripple Creek and Company, 928 Main Street; Sip & Shop with Threads Traveling Trunk, 10% of sales will be donated to Bastrop Animal Rescue
  • R.A. Green Mercantile, 1022 Main Street; Artist: Tom Tierney

Tom Tierney, world renowned "King of Paper Dolls"

Tom Tierney, multi-talented artist and fashion illustrator, is best known for his paper doll books. Having published over 500 books, Tom’s paper dolls are often of iconic celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Cate Blanchett, and even characters from Star Trek!

Enter the RAFFLE at any of the featured galleries for a chance to win a $75 Gallery Gift Card!!! For more info about the Bastrop First Friday Art Walk, click here.

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