February 20, 2015

Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps Performance Showcase (February 22, 2015)

As a former band geek and alumni of Longhorn Band, I love everything about band. I have many stories that begin with the infamous "This one time at band camp..." although my stories aren't quite as lurid. I especially love marching band! The uniforms, the choreography, the music, the flagsI love it all. But if marching band is ice cream, then drum and bugle corps is an ice cream sundae covered with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a cherry on top. It's marching band taken to the next level.

There are several drum and bugle corps across the country, and we're lucky enough to have one in our own backyard! The Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps is a non-profit musical youth organization with over 150 student members from all over Texas and the south. They've been having their monthly rehearsals at Bastrop High School, which not only gives our local economy a little boost, but also affords us the opportunity to witness some exciting, world-class entertainment.

Here's a video from the January rehearsal that highlights their hard work:

The Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps will have a Performance Showcase on Sunday, Feb. 22nd at 12pm at Bastrop High School. The show will be outside unless it rains, in which case, it would take place in the gym. Their new show is "Phantom of the Opera," one of the most dramatic and intense musicals of all time.

Even if you can't make it to the performance, you can volunteer your time or resources. They have a student sponsorship program and an instrument replacement program. Plus, they accept monetary and in-kind donations and are always looking for volunteers. Click here for details.

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