April 17, 2015

Elgin Art Studio Tour - 2015

The Elgin Art Studio Tour will be held on Saturday, April 18th from 10am-6pm in downtown Elgin, featuring local and area artists showcasing their works of art. Artists such as Barry Perez, Elizabeth Sullivan, and Erin & Tiger Flores, among others, will demonstrate their crafts throughout the day - from jewelry fabricating, needle felting, and water color painting to blacksmithing, metal sculpture forging, and more!

Barry Perez, a local jeweler and metal smith, is the primary force behind organizing the Elgin Art Studio Tour, as well as the Studio 621 Show on the first Saturday every December. He spends countless hours contacting artists and ensures that a great variety of high quality work will be shared with the community. His work uses a variety of stones, found objects, sterling silver, and gold and has been recognized with many awards over the years.

Jewelry by Barry Perez

Elizabeth Sullivan has been recognized across the country as a skilled and gifted artist in a number of media, including sculpture, murals, commercial graphics, and her specialty, watercolors.  Many of her outdoor murals grace the sides of barns across the Midwest countryside, which were featured in "This Old Barn," a book about barn paintings.

"Horse in the Wind" by Elizabeth Sullivan
Erin & Tiger Flores run Earthen Metals, a metal-smithing business creating everything from life size dragons to distinctive gates and railings. They are featured blacksmiths at Sherwood Forest Faire. They also offer classes!

Tiger & Erin Flores

Each venue will have maps outlining the locations featured on the tour. Here's the line-up of studios and artists...

Studio 621
621 Lexington Road
  • Barry Perez - Jewelry
  • Bonnie Groves - Mixed Media
  • Mary Glover - Painting

Earthen Metals
202 E 1st Street
  • Erin & Tiger Flores - Ornamental Metalwork
  • Travis Seeger - Metal Sculpture
  • Susie Hettleman - Jewelry & Mixed Media

Ellen Hinds Studio
143 Ginsel Lane
  • Ellen Hinds - Found Metal Sculpture
  • Lee Charlton - Handspun Yarns and Needle Felting
  • Clementine & Co. - Elegant Handcrafted Jewelry
  • Leaha Jones - Floral and Feather Fascinators
  • Brian Watkins - Reclaimed/ Recycled Functional Art

Elgin Local Goods
201 N Main Street
  • Elizabeth Sullivan - Painting
  • Darcy Schneider - Watercolor

Elgin Arts Association
107 N Main Street
  • Pearls of Youth Art Show
  • Jan Knight - Ceramic Art
  • Sheryl Dietrich - Fiber Art
  • Sandi Hardi - Oil & Pastel
The Owl Wine Bar & Home Goods
106 N Main Street
  • Nancy Lou Webster – Treenware
  • Gary Leudcke – Photography  

In conjunction with the Elgin Art Studio Tour, you can also enjoy the Pearls of Youth Art Show and the Lose Star Car Club Cruise-in!

The Pearls of Youth Art Show is hosted by the Elgin Arts Association to support young artists in the community. The art will be showcased at 107 N. Main Street on Apr. 18th and 19th from 10am-6pm with a reception at 2pm on Sunday.  The Elgin Arts Association awards "The Pearls Art Scholarship" at this event to an Elgin area graduating senior who plans to continue studies in the arts. A number of adult artists' work will also be on display during the art show.

The Lone Star Car Club Cruise-in will take place in the Depot Museum parking lot, located at 14 Depot Street, from 10am-2pm. Enjoy a great variety of cars and visit with the owners!

For more information about the Elgin Art Tour, visit www.elgintx.com or check out the City of Elgin - Mayor's Office on Facebook here.

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