November 2, 2015

How to Support Bastrop County

Bastrop County just can't seem to catch a break! Fires, floods, tornadoes... and just when we start to rebuild, it happens again. In the past two weeks alone, we've had evacuations because of fires and now floods. "How can I help?" you might ask. Here are a few things you can do to help Support Bastrop County:

Background image: "On the Colorado" by C M Henderson

  1. Make a donation.
    Rebuilding after fires and floods is expensive, especially for those who lost everything and couldn't afford insurance. Your financial contribution can go a long way to helping Bastrop County residents affected by the recent natural disasters. We suggest donating to these nonprofit organizations:

  2. Volunteer to help.
    Cleaning up after natural disasters is hard work! Sifting through damaged belongings and removing debris can take a physical and emotional toll on volunteers, so the more hands helping, the better. Here are the organizations we recommend:

  3. Say a prayer.
    I know some people are offended by prayer, but I believe it's a powerful tool. If prayer isn't your thing, then positive thoughts, kind words of encouragement, and hugs are also appreciated. Here's my prayer for Bastrop County:
"Dear Lord, please protect Bastrop County. Take care of those who have been affected by the recent fires and floods. Bring people into their lives to help them clean-up, rebuild, and start over. Make sure all of their needs are metfinancial, physical, and emotional. Reassure those living and working in Bastrop County that there is always hope and not to lose faith. We, as a community, are resilient, strong, generous, and thoughtful. Thank you for watching over all of the wonderful first responders, firefighters, and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to help our community. Amen!"

Here is an article we wrote a couple of years ago with a few other ways to can make an impact in Bastrop County: Top 10 Ways to Give Back in Bastrop County.

Flooding of the Colorado River on the June Pape Hill Riverwalk Trail in Bastrop,
next to Neighbor's Kitchen and Yard. Photo credit: John Smith.

Victim Information

If you are a victim of the recent flooding, the phone number for the Damage Assessment Hotline is (512) 332-7225, open for calls M-F 8am-5pm with voicemail after hours. It is very important that ALL flood damage be reported to this number.

Locations to pick up flood clean-up supplies and register with the Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team for further assistance with cleaning up your home and removing damaged contents:

First United Methodist Church
5630 FM 535
Cedar Creek, TX 78612
Hours: M-Th 10am-2pm

Church of Christ
287 Hwy 20
Bastrop, TX 78602
M-Th 9am-6pm

Volunteer Reception Center
108 Main Street
Smithville, TX 78957
M-F 8am-6pm

Church of Christ
1416 E. Whitehead
Smithville, TX 78957
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm
Phone: (512) 360-2550

Sam's Floor Designs
350 Hwy 95 S
Elgin, TX
Hours: M 12pm-5pm, Tu-F 9am-2pm

First United Methodist of Bastrop
1201 Main St
Bastrop, Texas
(512) 321-2201

Thank you to Judge Donna Thomson for the victim information. If you have any other information to add to the list, please post in the comments. Thanks! #SupportBastrop

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