February 1, 2016

H-E-B Super Bowl Ad - 2016

Last month, we posted a casting call for extras in H-E-B's new Super Bowl commercial. Now it's time to see the final product... do you see anyone you know or any familiar scenes? I spot Neighbor's Kitchen and Yard's porch and front door and their outdoor stage with the old iron bridge in the background! What about you?

Screen capture from the H-E-B commercial; in front of Neighbor's Kitchen and Yard in Bastrop, TX
H-E-B's new commercial stirs Texas pride as Academy Award-winning actor, Billy Bob Thornton narrates the recipe for "how to make a Texas."

"So you want to make a Texas. The recipe starts with these ingredients: 269,000 square miles, a quarter million farms, 10,000 some odd ranches, lots of coast line, lakes by the handful, good dirt, clear water, corn, cattle, and all the sky you can handle," Thornton says as the commercial begins.

According to Cory Basso, H-E-B's vice president of marketing and advertising, the commercial will air on Texas stations between the game's third and fourth quarters in 11 of the 210 national advertising markets, including San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Laredo, McAllen, Midland, Houston, Rio Grande City and Waco. The commercial is also expected to air during the Academy Awards and several season finales of selected television shows.

The commercial is being paired with a Twitter campaign utilizing the hashtag #TrueTexan. For more info about the commercial, click here.

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