March 28, 2016

Block 16 aka Central School Tuesday Jam

by Bonnie Allmon Coffey

You simply don't know when something special happens…

My fiftieth (yes, I'm old!) high school reunion is coming up and classmates are connecting via the website created by the organizers. Imagine my surprise when I discovered one of those classmates lived not twenty miles away in Smithville. After several email conversations, I uncovered all kinds of interesting things, including a fun event held every week.

Head to Smithville any Tuesday night from 6:30-8:30 pm for an open jam!

Held at “Block 16, aka Central School” at 400 Gresham, this event takes place on the side yard at an old school that's being renovated by Don and Jocelyn Jellison (Don's the schoolmate). Musicians young and old gather with guitars, mandolins, banjos, tambourines and drums to sit on the lawn and make some great music. Those attending bring their own beverages and can join the singing. Neighbors who are out and about walking dogs are slowly drawn in to the informal event.

Don & Jocelyn bought the school several years ago and are turning it into a site for special events, meetings, weddings, parties and conventions. It boasts a theater with stage and plenty of seating and offers one of the larger venues in the area in terms of available space.

The Jellisons never saw an idea they didn't like, so if you're looking for a spot for an event, give them a call at (512) 560-0286 to see if they have THE spot for you, or email or check out for Smithville, TX under “Smithville School.”

Y'all come jam – and meet my high school friend, his adorable wife, Jocelyn, and the sibling four-footed residents.

A native Texan, Bonnie Allmon Coffey is a writer and lover of learning the stories behind the people she meets. She's lived in Japan and Belgium and is a gypsy at heart. As a tiny-house dweller (415 sf), she has only those things she loves around her. Her business (Bonnie Coffey & Associates, LLC) allows her to work on various projects that expand her brain cells.


  1. I was there a couple of weeks ago (and barely visible in the photo), keeping time with a tambourine and rhythm egg. I also had the pleasure of meeting you beforehand, whilst sipping my Buc-ee's coffee. It was a lot of fun.