June 23, 2016

Mix-o-logie™ is Mixing Up the Perfume Industry

by Bonnie Allmon Coffey

The very first fragrance I ever owned was “Straw Hat” by Faberge, a gift from my fabulous, crazy Aunt Yvonne. Later, after I was married, my then-spouse decided that “my” fragrance was Shalimar. I hated Shalimar; it was far too exotic, too sophisticated. A woman’s favorite fragrance is a very personal thing, a sort of olfactory calling card that evokes one’s personality, the memory one leaves behind.  I have also discovered that one’s personal fragrance changes as we evolve and is dependent on moods – sometimes we’re sassy, sometimes we’re intriguing.

Being a self-avowed klutz at the fragrance counter, I was tickled pink to meet Sammi Hill and Jeff Wise, the founders of Mix-o-logie™, a brilliantly new concept in perfume. With the home office snuggled into a corporate building and warehouse in Smithville, Texas, Sammi and Jeff are a bit of an odd couple to the fragrance industry. Their pharmaceutical sales backgrounds led to a business in – of all things – urine testing for drugs. Jeff’s solid smarts (he holds a Master’s in toxicology and is an attorney) and Sammi’s obvious people and sales skills were major pluses in the success of that business…until it was time to find something new.

Co-founders Jeff Wise & Sammi Hill

That “something new” led to their connections with a friend who owned a fragrance house and to a Master Perfumer (who knew there was such a thing!) with over twenty years’ experience who had spent time in France. Voilà! A new career was born.

So – what is Mix-o-logie™?  Launched in November 2015, this is a unique, U.S. made collection of eight basic scents (a ninth is in the works) in substantial glass rollerball applicators that give you full goof-proof permission to become your very own personal perfume creator. The fragrances (given hip, contemporary names: Electric, Serene, Inspired, Free, Tenacious, Assured, Tender and Sultry) can be worn in several ways. Try them individually to get a feel for each one. Or, use one of the recipe cards included (how thoughtful!) in the kit to formulate complex combos such as Muddled, With a Twist, On the Rocks, Super Call, Straight Up, Stir Crazy or Extra Dirty – each complete with suggestions on why that particular combination might be appealing.

But the ultimate use is the one that gives you the opportunity to create your very own signature fragrance by mixing various scents right on your skin – they’re designed so that you simply cannot mess up. What a terrific gift for today’s multi-faceted, multi-personality woman!

The large graphic on the wall in the Mix-o-logie™ corporate wall says it all:
Layered.  Complex.  Candid.  You.

There you go……

In our neck of the woods, you can find Mix-o-logie™ at the following locations (store displays allow you to smell and mix before you buy):

Best Lil’ Hair House in Texas
1005 Chestnut, Bastrop

Cripple Creek
928 Main Street, Bastrop

Hyatt Lost Pines
575 Hyatt Lost Pines Road, Cedar Creek

Leeann’s Salon
4015 FM 535, Bastrop/Rockne

Or, order via their website at http://mymixologie.com.

Want more info? These folks have a terrific and fun Facebook page: 

A native Texan, Bonnie Allmon Coffey is a writer and lover of learning the stories behind the people she meets. She’s lived in Japan and Belgium and is a gypsy at heart. Living in just 585 sf, she’s learned to keep only those things she loves around her. Her business (Bonnie Coffey & Associates, LLC) allows her to work on various projects that expand her brain cells.

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