June 1, 2017

7 Things to Do This Summer in Elgin, Texas

by Alison Garza
Hello my Hippies! It is a wonderful day today, why? I have teamed up with 365 Bastrop and want to bring to you all of my favorite fun things to do in Elgin this summer. So let's not sit around chatting, you need to get out and start enjoying your community...


1. Elgin Public Library

I always recommend the Elgin Public Library to every person I talk to. I just recently did a whole blog on the library that you can read here. The Elgin Public L ibrary has an amazing summer reading program for kids of all ages, and this year the theme is "Build a Better World." Starting June 6th at 10:30am, there will be a "Reada Rabbit" kick off to launch the start of summer reading for up to age 6. For ages 7 to 10, there will be reading every Wednesday at 10:30am starting June 7th. The summer reading program includes a story and a craft. At the end of the summer, you can turn in your kid's "reading list" and be entered into a drawing for a prize. Last year, they gave away a kids tablet, which I was super jealous of.

Elgin Public Library in Elgin, TX
Photo via Elgin Public Library on Facebook

If your kids can not read, that is fine. They have a reading list for the younger ones, too. Last year, it had stuff on it like "adopt a stuffed animal" and "sing five songs with your child." Super simple stuff that I could complete with even my 1 year old. These summer reading programs will be happening all summer as well as the normally scheduled "Family Movie Night" and "Arts and Crafts." I suggest you like the library on Facebook as well as their children's page here. Facebook pages are a great way to see what flyers and events the library is putting out and the best way I keep up to date on events.

2. City of Elgin Parks & Recreation

The City of Elgin Parks and Recreation department is another great place that hosts community events that are a ton of fun and free. Proud ex-parks and rec employee here! The "parks and rec" are the people in charge of the pool and all parks in Elgin. Movies at the Fleming center and "Dollar Hot Dog Day" are a few fun events they put on. Every summer my family attends the "Day At The Beach" event. Last year, they really kicked it up a notch and held a sand castle contest, and the prize was a summer pass to the pool worth about $60!

Morris Memorial Pool in Elgin, TX
Photo via City of Elgin website

One thing that I do want to point out is that the city is really good about accommodating all ages. One time over spring break, we showed up to a "Bike Safety Rodeo" and I had no idea it was for bigger kids. The parks and rec director went out of his way to make a smaller bike track for my toddlers, which I thought was super sweet and my kids really appreciated. I would say that some of the events the parks and rec holds are for a bit older kids, so call ahead of time and just ask. The city employees are always very nice and happy to answer your questions.
Click here for the Fleming Center page, where you can subscribe for email updates on all calendar activities. I noticed they have yoga on the calendar, I had no idea!

3. Western Days

Running 48 years strong, Western Days is a Elgin tradition that I think everyone needs to experience at least once. The festival is really like a week of fun events. It starts with the Miss Western Days pageant at Elgin High School at 7:00pm on June 20th. Then on the 22nd, the carnival opens and kicks off Family Night by offering $20 wristbands for all night play at Memorial Park starting 6pm. The carnival will run until June 24th. On June 23rd, there will be a free dance at the tennis courts starting at 8pm.

Western Days in Elgin, TX
Photo by Sleeping Owl Photography

June 24th is the Grand Finale day. Starting at 10am with a parade, Memorial Park will be filled with live music, tournaments you can compete in, the carnival, arts and crafts, and a ton more. My families favorite part is the parade, there are always people on horses and people throwing out candy, so it's not hard to win my toddlers over. Check out Western Days on Facebook here.


4. Elgin Depot Museum

Another hidden gem is the Elgin Depot Museum. I personally am in love with the Depot Museum. My kiddos and I attended a cute little event last month to celebrate "Elgin Lore." We got to try on old fashioned clothes from people who used to live in Elgin a long time ago. We made a rag doll, played a super old game of chess, and learned how to shoot marbles. There was a ton of live music! I think I had more fun than my kids did!

Photo by Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 3.0

This month, you can go and check out the museum's exhibit featuring mementos from the luxury train the America Oriental Express. You can check out the train as well as many other exciting exhibits at Main and Depot Street Tuesdays through Saturdays from 2-5pm. Learn more on their Facebook page here.


5. Down Home Ranch

Down Home Ranch is a wonderful farm that is manned by people with down syndrome and other disabilities, as well as a few other friends working beside them. The ranch grows responsibility and independence for those living there. You can support this local organization by going and picking berries. For $5 a box, you can roam the beautiful berry fields and pick to your heart's desire. These berries cost about the same as you will find in the store, but knowing who you are helping makes them taste a little sweeter.

Down Home Ranch berry picking in Elgin, TX
Photo via Down Home Ranch on Facebook

I have not been yet, but I am trying to plan a trip. The last trip I was planning on attending, it rained and wiped out all of the blueberries, so make sure and call ahead if the weather is yucky! There are plenty of other ways you can support this wonderful organization, so be sure to check out their Facebook page for updates here.


6. Elgin Juneteenth Celebration

Next weekend, June 9th, there will be a beautiful street dance at Depot Street and Veterans Memorial Park to celebrate Elgin's 18th Annual Juneteenth Festival. The dance will feature music by DJ Darsche. The weekend is filled with fun and celebration as the party continues on June 10th at 10am with a parade. I have never attended the parade, but I can guess there will be people throwing candy as well, I think that is city code for parades.

Juneteenth Celebration in Elgin, TX

After the parade, you can swing by Veterans Memorial Park for booths with arts and crafts, food, jewelry, and so much more. The booths will be open June 9th in the afternoon and all day Saturday, June 10th. You can also sit and enjoy the music, feel the breeze and just enjoy the festivities.

7. Sip, Shop & Stroll 

If you're looking for something to do a little later on in the day, "Sip, Shop & Stroll" is every 2nd Thursday afternoon. Businesses on Main Street will have green flags outside that say "open" or "Shop Elgin First," which is how you know a business is participating in the program. Businesses who participate will be open later than normal and usually have wine for you to taste and buy. Some places have snacks, some do door prizes, some do a scavenger hunt... it changes every month.

Photo by Over Yonderlust, original article here

This is a great opportunity for you to get out and see some new buildings and meet some new people. Maybe there is a wine at Elgin Local Goods that you had no idea existed, but now you are in love. Maybe the Elgin Lions Club has that coffee table you have been searching all ends of the Earth for. You will never know unless you get out and go look around. Thrift shopping and roaming Main Street are one of mine and my kids favorite things to do. We always find some sort of treasure or scrumptious new snack. On top of all of that, you are supporting a local business. I wrote a blog last month about how amazing our Lions Club is and where your money is going to, which you can read here.

For more info on Sip, Shop & Stroll and other events, you can check out Visit Elgin, Texas on Facebook here. Plus, you can find some participating businesses' Sip, Shop & Stroll events for June 8th, 2017 here, here, here, and here.

That is it for this Hippy. It has been such an honor to be asked by 365 Bastrop to be a guest blogger. Let us know by commenting down below if you would like to see us team up again or if there is anything that I missed. Elgin is such a beautiful city with so much to offer. Go out and explore it and have a beautiful day my Hippies!

HippyWife here, I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful toddlers and the wife of a wonderful husband. My days consist of wiping butts, arguing with myself, cooking & cleaning, and finding new ways to make sure my kids are still breathing. I am a big advocate for Sensory Processing Disorder and I am always working on new hacks to help. I enjoy going to new places and trying new things. My favorite part of my day is telling all of my Hippies about the businesses and products that our family has experienced. I try my best to do everything as natural as possible, but I'm human and fall short sometimes. Life is a journey and this Hippy is just along for the ride.

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  1. Hi Alison, Debbie Wahrmund here! Nice job on touting Elgin and especially thanks for including the Elgin Depot Museum. There is a special WWI exhibit and a fun real life ticket punch kids can use ...even toddlers. I loved doing the rag dolls with you and your kiddos at Local Lore. Cheers, Debbie